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About Trisha Hosac  |  814-964-0919

An adaptable Video Editor offering 8 years of video editing success. Talent in assembling raw footage, reordering sequences and adjusting content to align with artistic vision. 

Trish works for WTAE- Channel 4 news and has been there since 2018 as a Video News Editor. Previously Trish was employed by WTAE from February 2015 though December 2016. First as a Video News Editor then moving into a Content Creator position within a test project "4the412".

The two years between being working at WTAE Trish worked at a Jergles Bar & Grille (music venue) and ELF Entertainment, as well as on her on brand 412nes and Spacebat Productions. 

In the new year of 2022 she will be joining Steeltown Entertainment as a Teaching Artist (more details to come soon). 

Trish is a newly wed, married 12.11.21 to the most wonderful human, Andy Hosac. Trish is now a step-mom to Skyler Hosac.She prides herself on being the very best Aunt and Pet Mom. Trish's family lives in her hometown of Corry, PA; her family is the most important thing in the world to her. 

Trish is also a freelance artist and Content Creator. Her artist name is BatTrish and her brand is Spacebat Productions. She creates videos for her page/series called 412nes, featuring local Pittsburgh bands. 2021 was the first year she had her artwork printed up on t-shirts and stickers and had a vender booth at a music Festival. 

Trish loves to network with as many people as she can. Not just career related or for Spacebat Productions, but she really loves to know as many people as she can so she can assist others with their own networking. Her personal life perfectly intertwines with her career, these networking skills have helped to make life long friendship connections. 

(I really could write on and on about my life, family and friends but that is a good start.) 

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